Muscle Car Crashes At Bush Home In Dallas

There has recently been a barrage of victims who were targeted by individuals claiming to offer money for very little effort - cashing a check and wiring the money to some predetermined location. Often, the location is given as an orphanage or other charitable organization, to make the victim feel the scam what is the secret service legitimate.

After Kennedy's being hit, he was taken to Parkland Hospital, but a proper autopsy couldn't be done because the secret service earpiece prop insisted on quickly taking the body away to Washington, D.C., perhaps on orders from the New President, Lyndon Johnson.

For one thing, I hate to be "duped", don't you? Do you have any remembered lies told to you? I certainly do! Lies, such as "Oswald acted alone". Believe me, that, from the "Warren Commission" is all hogwash. ( I have seen enough proof to know. And I have read about half of the numerous volumes of the "Committee to re-elect", to know what I am saying here!) And also, my next favorite; "Only volunteers are going to Vietnam!" That too, is an eye-opening experience. Thanks to bright, intelligent, people; such as Henry Kissinger, I got "taken to the woodshed" in a political and real way, politically, and also in real life.

Norm: Well, I hold a black belt in karate, and I now run a scenario-based self close protection center and system that's geared around reality-based street combat. I also have experience, about 15 years experience in the security industry, everything from bodyguarding, to bouncing to doing regular security work.

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SHAWN ADKINS: I cooperated with them at first and then I just feel like I couldn't trust the police anymore and that's when I decided to get a lawyer and my lawyers told me to just lay low, keep quiet, and that's what I did. And then today I'm supposed to talk to somebody from Colorado City - a law enforcement officer, I'm supposed to talk to the fbi today to clear up some more things.

But investigators found out that I didn't get fired because Billie had told them that originally and they brought that up to me and I was like, yeah, I quit my job for reasons and I didn't tell Billie for fear it would cause a big fight and I didn't want to ruin the peace that's been happening for the past six months. I just wanted to keep the peace and try to find another job and then let her know.

If you do tell them you're aware of the check cashing scheme, chances are they will desperately try to convince you that they aren't scammers. However, keep in mind that no legitimate business would ever ask you to cash a check in your personal bank account and wire a portion back to them. Legitimate companies or employers do not operate this way.