American Idol Season 9 Top 7 Results Show Narrows Field To 6

NuCorp Entertainment artist custom ear plugs uk Darren Warren had a dream come true this week thanks to the fact his debut six-song Cowboy Up And Party Down EP was released digitally.

Sasha Allen will sing "Bad Girls" by Donna Summer and "I Will Always Love You" which was written and performed originally by Dolly Parton, but everyone knows the classic Whitney Houston version. The first song is fun and should let her have a good time on stage. The second is trouble. Many what do singers listen to in their earpieces have crashed and burned trying to do that song justice.

Philip: Well it's hard for me, because I've started using in-ear monitors. And sometimes I have to grab someone and ask "what's going on? Do these people like us at all?" So it's tough for me to tell, but that is a powerful chorus. It drops in complete halftime, total Down, New Orleans style so I know what you're talking about for sure.

Cyrus brings that emotion to the "Wrecking Ball" feedback music, breaking down in front of the camera as she sings the heartbreaking track. When Miley isn't in a close-up shot, the 20-year-old singer can be seen breaking down walls with an actual wrecking ball. Sometimes she is clothed on the monster ball and other times she is stark naked. There is no twerking this time, but she still manages to create a controversial video without those raunchy dance moves.

Finally, any message for your fans anxiously awaiting your set at the historic Lobero theater in Santa Barbara? I recently produced a local Santa Barbara artist named Haddon Cord, and I want to use this opportunity to introduce her to the local music fans in SB. Since I used Dave and Wally on her tracks, we may even back her up on a couple of songs. I've been to the beautiful Lobero Theater and I can't wait to play there with the CVB. If the joy we have playing together could be bottled and sold, we'd solve all the world's problems!